Art of the Chakras

Spring, 2018

Shot Tower Gallery, Columbus, OH

This 2 hour, full-sensory yoga workshop will strengthen your chakras and expand your awareness. In a beautiful art gallery space, enjoy movement, breath-work and guided meditation designed to take you on a journey into each chakra. 7 Large-scale canvases depicting the feeling of each living, vibrant wheel act as your drishti focal points, as colored lights and moving mandalas dance around you. The sounds of seed mantras, singing bowls and OM fill the space and vibrate through your being. The smell of sage cleanses your field while aromatherapy guides you deeper. Thai Yoga Massage practitioners float around giving adjustments, while organic, cold-pressed juice blends await the chance to rush prana to your cells. Vendors with unique products and information bring new awarenesses, like a photo of your aura and chakras, oils, healing crystals, special teas and more. Let's come together to uplift the collective consciousness and celebrate life more abundant with Life Energy Yoga, LLC and​


2016 Summer Solstice Mandala Painted Yoga - Alum Creek

Past Highlights


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Thai & Fly

Sun. Oct. 8, 2017

1-3pm  PAI Yoga & Fitness Dublin

Thai Yoga Massage and Acro Yoga blend together for this fun, connecting and relieving practice. You will feel SO good!

$30 - Register through PAI Yoga & Fitness

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